Vietnam Automation Association

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam National Uni. HCMC

Southern Affairs Department, MOST

Joint Stock Company VIETFAIR


Patronage organisations

Ministry of Science and Technology

Vietnam National Uni. Ho-Chi-Minh City

People’s Committee Ho-Chi-Minh City

Ministry of Industry and Trade


Chairman of the conference

Dr. Nguyen Quan – President of VAA

Prof. Vu Dinh Thanh – Rector, HCMUT, VNU-HCM


Advisory Council

Prof. Nguyen Xuan Quynh – President of CfPT

Prof. Cao Tien Huynh – Vice President of CfPT

Mr. Nguyen Cam Tu – Former Vice Minister MOIT

Mr. Pham Viet Tien – Deputy Gen. Director VTV

Assoc. Prof. Hoang Minh Son – Rector, HUST


General organizing chair

Dr. Le Xuan Rao – Vice President of VAA

Dr. Nguyen Viet Dung – Director of DOST, HCMC

Dr. Do Hong Tuan – Dean of Faculty EE, HCMUT, VNU-HCM


Industrial seminar and exhibition chair

Dr. Dinh Van Hien – Vice President of VAA

Dr. Truong Dinh Chau – HCMUT, VNU-HCM


Program chair

Prof. Nguyen Phung Quang – HUST


Vice program chair

Prof. Nguyen Cong Dinh – Le Quy Don Uni

Assoc. Prof. Ho Pham Huy Anh – HCMUT, VNU-HCM

Assoc. Prof. Bui Quoc Khanh – HUST

Assoc. Prof. Thai Quang Vinh – IoIT, VAST


Program committee members

Prof. Nguyen Hong Anh Quy Nhon Uni
Dr. Trương Dinh Chau HCMUT, VNU-HCM
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Huu Cong TNUT, UTN
Dr. Nguyen Manh Cuong Le Quy Don Uni
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Tang Cuong Le Quy Don Uni
Assoc. Prof. Le Van Doanh HUST
Assoc. Prof. Le Anh Dung Le Quy Don Uni
Assoc. Prof. Le Ba Dung IoIT, VAST
Assoc. Prof. Bui The Dung IoP, VAST
Assoc. Prof. Pham Trung Dung Le Quy Don Uni
Assoc. Prof. To Van Duc Academy of MST
Dr. Nguyen Anh Duy DUT, UDN
Dr. Nguyen Quang Hai MTI of Navy
Dr. Đo Trung Hai TNUT, UTN
Prof. Dao Van Hiep Le Quy Don Uni
Dr. Dang Xuan Hoai Vinashin
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Quang Hoan PTIT
Prof. Than Ngoc Hoan Hai Phong Private Uni
Dr. Pham Quoc Hoang Le Quy Don Uni
Assoc. Prof. Huynh Thai Hoang HCMUT, VNU-HCM
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Nhu Hien TNUT, UTN
Dr. Phan Van Hien DUT, UDN
Dr. Ngo Quang Hieu Can Tho Uni
Dr. Tran Thanh  Hung Can Tho Uni
Prof. Nguyen Van Khang HUST
Assoc. Prof. Lai Khac Lai TNUT, UTN
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Lam VIETLINA, HCMC
Prof. Le Hung Lan MOST
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Lien HUST
Assoc. Prof. Tran Hoai Linh HUST
Prof. Ho Dac Loc HUTECH, HCMC
Dr. Nguyen Hoang Mai DUT, UDN
Assoc. Prof. Ta Cao Minh HUST
Assoc. Prof. Tran Trong Minh HUST
Prof. Phan Xuan Minh HUST
Assoc. Prof. Duong Hoai Nghia HCMUT, VNU-HCM
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Chi Ngon Can Tho Uni
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van  Nho HCMUT, VNU-HCM
Prof. Vu Ngoc Phat IoM, VAST
Prof. Nguyen Doan Phuoc HUST
Assoc. Prof. Le Hoai Quoc Dep. of ST, HCMC
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Chi Sang NARIME
Assoc. Prof. Dang Ngoc Thanh Le Quy Don Uni
Assoc. Prof. Luu Kim Thanh VIMARU
Assoc. Prof. Tran Duc Thuan Academy of MST
Assoc. Prof. Vu Hoa Tien Le Quy Don Uni
Dr. Vo Nhu Tien DUT, UDN
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Tan Tien HCMUT, VNU-HCM
Assoc. Prof. Pham Ngoc Tiep VIMARU
Assoc. Prof. Le Tong UTC
Dr. Vo Minh Tri Can Tho Uni
Dr. Nguyen The Truyen VIETLINA
Dr. Pham Minh Tuan STI, VAST
Dr. Pham Dinh Tung Le Quy Don Uni
Assoc. Prof. Tran Xuan Tuy DUT, UDN
Assoc. Prof. Dao Hoa Viet Le Quy Don Uni
Assoc. Prof. Doan Quang Vinh DUT, UDN
Assoc. Prof. Tran Quang Vinh VNU-HN
Prof. Pham Thi  Ngoc Yen HUST