VCCA 2021 is coming soon!

We would like to announce that the VCCA 2021 will be held on April 8-9th, 2022 at the 272 Conference Center (No. 272, Vo Thi Sau St., Dist. 3, HCMC).

VCCA 2021 theme:

Automation in the Vietnam National Digital Transformation Program: Intelligent and Innovative

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and exhibition.



Deadline extension announcement!

Due to the high enthusiasm for this conference and the Covid 19 pandemic, we would like to announce the extension for full paper submission as followed:

New deadline for full paper submission: August 15, 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the conference.

The Organizing Committee.


Vietnam International Conference and Exhibition on Control and Automation (VCCA) is held biennially by Vietnam Automation Association (VAA) aiming at promoting control engineering and automation technology in economic and social development. The 6th VCCA-2021, co-organized by Vietnam Automation Association and Vietnam National University – HCMC, will be held on November 3-5, 2021 at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Phu Tho Indoor Sport Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Conference Motto

Automation Technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution


Topics of Interest

  1. Cybernetics: System theory; Control theory; Nonlinear systems; Discrete and hybrid systems; System identification; State filters and observers; Robust control; Smart control, fuzzy, expert, neural and genetic systems; Motion control; Control of power electronics; Model and control of industrial robots; Autonomous vehicles, mobile robot control; Bio system control; Visual based control; Language, posture and behavior based control; Control of micro and nano systems; Electrical machine control, electrical drives and control of energy systems.
  2. Automation: Sensors and actuators; Smart I/O; Totally integrated automation systems; SCADA/HMI, DCS, CAD/CAM/CIM/CNC; Embedded systems, PLC, PXI, IPC technology; Models and simulations of manufacturing process; Process control; Laboratory automation; Measurement and control networks; Smart measurement systems; Microprocessors, SOC, DSP, FPGA and ASIC in control; Power electronics; Internet of things; Big data; Sensor networks; Artificial intelligence.
  3. Applications: Smart cities; Intelligent transportation systems; Process control in factories (paper, cement, materials etc.); Automation in ship industry; Automation in agriculture; forestry and aquaculture; Automation in drinking water and waste water treatment; Building management systems, smarthome; Automation in mining, mineral extraction and metallurgy; Automation in machinery manufacturing; Automation in garment and shoemaking; Automation in energy sector, power systems and renewable energy; Control applications in aeronautics and space engineering, National security and defence applications; Education and training applications; Public heath and medical applications; Natural clamity prevention and pollution treatment applications; Control and monitoring for city flood protection system; Other applications.


Manuscript Submission

Submitted papers to VCCA must be original, not previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere, written in Vietnamese or English and formatted in VCCA-2021 standard. Papers are submitted to http://vcca.engineer/vcca2021/ before July 31, 2021. If a paper is accepted, at least one of the authors listed on the paper must attend the conference and present the paper. No-show papers will not be included in CD/USB proceedings.


Special Session Proposal

Sessions consist of papers presenting a unifying theme from a diversity of viewpoints of research and training organization in control engineering and automation technology. Proposals should be emailed to program chair via tqvinh@ioit.ac.vn.


Advertisement and Exhibition

Exhibitors are invited to showcase, demonstrate and market control-related publications, software tools, prototypes, educational products, and services.



The conference organizing committee highly appreciates and calls for financial support contributing to the success of the conference. Sponsors are advised to contact the Conference Organizing Committee. Sponsors will be announced at the conference.